TO READ / design & business related posts from great bloggers

This week I've read so MANY great and inspiring blog posts from bloggers I follow, that I would love to share some of them with you guys. There is so much to learn from each other and I just cannot get enough of reading about the business and personal side of artists and designers. How do other artists find their daily discipline to just get to work? How can you grow your business and at the same time stay happy and energized? 

/// Garance (this is really one of my favorite blogs!) talks to readers about how to find your own style and stay true to yourself.  

/// Do you have a stable design process? Breanna Rose tells us the way she's doing things...

/// Sarah gives advice when you think you've might lost your passion about your work. How to find that spark back again?

/// Michelle (a.k.a. the When I Grow Up Coach) shares her story about how she got of her ass and build her dream career. 

What are your favorite reads this week?

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