TO READ / stories I've enjoyed this week

Can't believe it's friday already! Seems like the week has just started yet, and there's still a lot to do. As my holiday is in 2 weeks, I like to get as much work done possible, so I'll be able to completely relax while I'm there... 
Here are some of my favorite reads from this week. Have a great day!

// Liked the way Anna Delores is starting her mondays and experiences this the best day of the week...

// Hermine is one of my favorite bloggers, just because I adore her textile designs and photography. See what she's working on right now!

// Dana is talking about blogging and the things she has learned, can't read enough about that

// Discovered this amazing blog from artist Leah Reena, love her work.

// The illustrations of Marloes always make me smile...

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