Hello, I hope you had a great sunday today! Mine was very, very busy with many exciting projects going on. That's also the reason why I've neglected the blog the last few weeks a bit... :)
Things have been pretty hectic since I'm back from my great holiday in France last month and I really needed to finish some work. (Will show you some holiday pics here soon)
As I said, I've been busy with some fun new projects, and I hope I can share them soon with you guys. Also my new website design is keeping me behind my desk for a while now as I'm planning to launch my brand new portfolio in a few weeks. Of course I'll update it here as well. 

In the meantime I've visited a really nice exhibition this weekend, CHANEL: the Legend, in my hometown The Hague. Really liked it, so if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, go visit the gemeentemuseum!


Jane Stroink said...

Love your information, good luck with your work!

Tessa de Guytenaer said...

Thank you :)